Welcome to my website ~ Blessed Be  


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Hi, my name is May Draper. 


 I am a Hedgewitch ~ Wiccan High Priestess

                Tarot Reader ~ Spiritual Teacher ~ Healer

 I have, from a small child believed in fairy stories, loved books and films with nature, animal and magickal themes. I have travelled many pathways seeking my destiny and have grown richer and stronger from all these experiences.

Having travelled so many pathways, becoming a HedgeWitch has combined all my loves - healing, herbs for medicinal and magickal uses, nature, Wheel of the Year Rituals, Spell work, Earth Magick, Moon Magick and of course Tarot Readings.

I fall into a group known as 'Clairsentience' which means I have the ability to feel or sense data, information or impressions by extrasensory means. Clairsentience compliments my love of ritual, magick, sorcery and tarot readings.

I have given Tarot Readings for many years and co-run the Wainscott Psychic Fayre. I also hold various workshops during the year including 'The HedgeWitch Year' 1 & 2, Moon Magic & HedgeWitch in the Kitchen.  I am also part of a monthly Moot known as 'So Moot It Bee'. This has been in existence since 2009.

 I am Vice Chair of Friends of Broomhill a wonderful park which has spectacular views over the Thames and Medway Rivers. Broomhill Park is an Oasis where we have in the past held Summer and Winter Solstices as well a the International Women's Day to honour the Earth Mother. I will often be found foraging at the park. My love of this park in fact inspired me to call my website "HedgeWitch on the Hill".

My aim in life is to pass on/share my knowledge and friendship to all those who wish to travel down this wonderful pathway.

Blessed Be